What make Areej Al-Khoudh National Trading different from others is the fact that we have in-house facilities for all process of treating, welding, polishing, bending, powder coating of Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Pipe Bending

From an technical perspective, Stainless Steel is a hard component and during the bending process one does not only have to take care of the raduis of the bend to avoid dents but also to make sure that the surface is not spoiled.  With our in-house bending facilities we can bend pipes and tubes in Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel making it possible to have your railing shaped to your preference. While stronger than aluminum, stainless steel shares has a“springy” quality that makes it challenging to bend. Its high cost dictates that scrap be absolutely minimized. We at Areej Al-Khoudh National Trading have the know-how and the facilities to achieve the bend with minimum scrap or wastage.


The use of Stainless Steel in architectural projects is majorly due to its lustrous look and feel. However, the polishing aspect is the most important part in Stainless Steel Fabrication. We have in-house polishing facilities with trained and experienced workers having in-depth knowledge of different finishing that can be achieved on Stainless Steel.

Powder Coating

Protection or decoration, powder coating has emerged as the first choice for a wide range of applications, especially for projects that require optimum architectural and aesthetic look and performance. Not only is powder coating durable and cost effective, it is also environment friendly, being solvent free with no VOC emissions. With a wide range of colours or finish of glass, matte, textures and metallic we offer powder coating facilities second to none.


Having a team of well-trained Tig/Mig welders is the secret behind the success of Areej Al-Khoudh National Trading. All our welders are fully aware of safety procedures and take extra care for at-site welding procedures. Precise welding, filling and joining to give Stainless Steel a feel of perfect seamless product is a process followed by us on all our projects.

Ready Stock

We at Areej Al-Khoudh National Trading maintain a stock of various Stainless Steel Tubes, Fittings and Elements being ready to start a new project immediately or for any repair or modifications work. We believe in action to achieve results rather than excuses.